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FF-Quote-I'm the funny one

I know you're there ...

As I work diligently on fulfilling oddmonster's request ...

Book #53 - Gil's All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez - Odd actually asked about the second book by this author, but I couldn't resist re-reading this one since it's so.damn.funny. You will pee yourself with laughter. PEE YOURSELF. It's just that good. Anyway. Duke and Earl (a werewolf and vampire, respectively) find themselves in a small town that happens to be a hotbed of supernatural activity. They commence saving the world.

I took the kids swimming today. I don't remember the last time I went swimming where I was actually in the water. Most of the time I sit poolside (tucked securely back in the shade) and read. Or listen to music. Not this time. No. I was in the water showing Cole how to do backflips and Hailey how to explode out of the water like a rocket. And how to do mermaid legs. It was fun.

However, the hour and a half of swimming led to a nearly three hour nap. *blink, blink*

I may be up for a Best Buy run some time this week. Sometimes I just want to look at the movies before I buy. I also have to go to Walmart. I have some Christmas shopping to do. I wish I could say that I'm joking, but I'm not. Being funemployed, I want to make sure that I can get the things for people that I want to get. Plus? I have an idea for my sister and she's almost impossible to shop for, so ... shopping trip. Although her b-day is before Christmas so it might be a b-day present. Whatever.

Don't judge me. I'm trying to be responsible with my money.

If anybody on Facebook happens to play Vampire Wars (or desperately wants to start), add me as a friend and I'll clan you up real good. And send you Vampire gifts. And let my dog lick your leg. True story.

I'm done for the night.

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kurt and i are going to see harry potter tomorrow morning at the cinearts theater in santana row, wanna go?

Oh. I can't. I have both kids and I don't think Hailey would sit through it. Boo.

I used to have my Christmas shopping all done by now.
Back when I worked and had money.
This year it's gonna be dodgy. Dunno how it's gonna work.

I usually start shopping around October so this is early for me. But I picked up a few things and I fell good about it.

Oh? Swimming!
I finally broke down and auditioned a local city indoor swimming pool and it worked well. I really need some sort of exercise routine that is "comprehensive" of my entire body. So I bought a membership to this place, with the plans of swimming at least once each week all year round.
I used to swim a lot when I was a kid, but, wow, I can't believe how much I totally suck at it - having to relearn a lot of stuff.
After just 45 minutes of it, my legs already start to cramp.
Yeah, I am staying on the shallow side of the pool for a while until I get this all sorted out.

What I did to get more clan in Vampire Wars is I watched the news section on that front game page for names on who attacked me - especially the ones I lost to. Then I would click into the VW name profile and then the profile name link after that to bring up their Facebook page. From there I would make friend request and added a personalized note that I wanted to add Vampire Wars clan.
I don't think hardly anyone would refuse the friend request at that if they are serious about the game.
People in your clan can not attack you. Basically, you are taking the aggressors out of the pool of potential attackers on you by doing this.
To use your beloved comment on this ... True story.

Okay, I've tried your VW trick on a few of my attackers and my clan's already getting bigger. Awesome!

I have a feeling that I'll be swimming with the kids a few more times in the near future. Hopefully that will build up my tolerance. or whatever you call it. :)

Very. Plus? My hair will be redder in a couple of hours.

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