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Run away!

Facebook is sometimes a little depressing. I joined a community (or whatever you call it) for my graduating class and I see all these people that I used to know and lost touch with and my first thought is "I should add them as a friend". The next thought that invariably follows is "Do I really want to?" Sometimes there are reasons that people drift apart. Like when one stabs the other in the back.

Still, it's a knee-jerk reaction to seeing people you used to know. At least for me.

We are officially in the middle of Cole's birthday party/sleepover. It's a small party. Just Cole and three other boys. I somehow managed to convince Cole that the less boys we had, the smoother it would run. So far? It's good. Cole's dad and I gave him Rock Band 2 and they've had fun playing it all afternoon.

I've threatened to sing for them later.

I have kids to supervise.

Oh! Is anybody else having problems with their tags cloud not ... clouding? Mine is in a straight line. Maybe it's just my browser. I find it annoying.

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Oddly, I was such a huge loner in high school that I don't really know ANYONE from like high school. I don't get to pose those questions to myself.
I have like one person in my Facebook friend list that actually went to high school with me, and we never once met each other or even knew each other even existed in high school. It's weird.
But I increasingly find the Facebook suggestions on who I add to my friend list more and more interesting.
One day I see my sister's picture there.
Then one day one of my aunt's send me a friend request. This aunt lives on a farm in Kansas and is like over 70 years old. Woah.
AND NOW ... it suggested I put Kate Mulgrew in my friend's list.
Captain Janeway, Kate Mulgrew! It wasn't some fan page or something. It looked like her personal Facebook page.
I sent the friend request. I don't expect a response, but still it's trippy.

hahahaha! Kate Mulgrew. That's awesome!!!!

I wasn't big on socializing in High School. I was in the band. We had our own little clique. Yet ... yet. When I see some of those names I'm like Ooooooh. I remember them!

It's bizarre.

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