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Lost-The van that saves us all!

I can do anything ...

Happy 4th. Fireworks. Yay. No, this isn't my favorite holiday (that would be a tie between Halloween and Christmas). All I can say about the 4th is that you wait in the cold for the fireworks to start and once they do you're just waiting for them to get over.

On top of that ...

Today was one of those incredibly busy days. I'm sure you know what I mean.

  • I had to run up to Target at 8 this morning to buy cupcake liners so I could make the cupcakes for Cole's birthday party tomorrow. I also bought butter to make frosting.
  • Went to the parade downtown. Good parade, it was just very hot and very long.
  • Yelled at Cole and threatened to cancel his b-day party if he didn't clean his room. After listening to his whining and whimpering, I threw all his Legos in a box and told him I didn't care if they ended up broken, if he couldn't help me clean, this is what he got.
  • Took a teeny-tiny nap. So short it almost doesn't qualify as a nap. Boo.
  • Went to a barbeque where only my family and one other family showed up. The good here? We had lots of good, good food to eat.
  • Once home, I admired my sunburned nose and shoulder. Just one shoulder.
  • Thought about taking another nap. Didn't.
  • Made the cupcakes.
  • Watched some Enterprise.
  • Ate an unfrosted cupcake. It was surprisingly good.
  • Sat on our porch, in the cold, wrapped in a blanket with my slippers on to watch the fireworks. Despite my bitching, it still beats sitting in the middle of a huge crowd in the cold. Plus? We didn't have to drive home with all those crazy drivers.

    Now I'm here.
    Tired and slightly sunburned.

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    Hmmm, you keep mentioning this "cold." I live in Texas where 100F has been norm for the past week.
    What is this "cold" you talk about?

    And I got the patriotic duty of going into work for the fourth. It's days like this where I debate taking my sister's offer up and see if I can apply for a job at the Uni she works at. Just so I can get some decent holidays off.

    We've had this wonderful 80 degree weather. I don't think it's cracked 90 this entire week. Beautiful!

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