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Seven for a secret never to be told ...

Holy smokes! I just added some new icons and deleted a few that I haven't used in a while and I have 80 fucking icons I could still add. That's a lot of damn icons. People better start going crazy making icons that I like. You know, since I suck at making them.

Completely randomly, I was watching Wrath of Khan earlier and there are parts of that movie that are excruciatingly slow. Like, the beginning. I may have to revise the order of my favorite original movies after I watch them all again.

I'm impatiently waiting for Cole to get home. He was doing a bunch of stuff with his dad's family to celebrate his birthday, one of his cousin's birthdays and his step mom's baby shower. Of course they were doing stuff outside today. In the disgusting 100+F heat. Yikes. I stayed inside. In the air conditioned house. With my dog. Watching movies. Or, just one movie. And playing a stupid game on Facebook that probably gave me Carpal Tunnel. Awesome. I'm pretty sure that I won't be needing my right wrist for anything in the future. It'll be fine. I'll just learn how to write left-handed.

Bailey is sleeping with her head hanging over the side of the bed. It doesn't look all that comfortable.

I'm done.

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cole's going to be a brother? that's great! when is she due?

August. I didn't tell you? Weird.

no. what is she having? how do you feel?

Well, they initially thought it was a girl, but during the second ultrasound she decided that she didn't want to know. I think it's a girl. I'm fine. It's not like I ever see her. And when I do, it's not like we're BFFs or anything. You know what I'm saying?

oh my god. i went outside for a second and when i came back in there was a big beetle on my sleeve. i freaked out and ran back into the hall and tried to shake it off but it wasn't coming off! so i grabbed my phone and flicked it off, but then in was on my phone so i threw my phone down the hall. then i picked up my phone but there was no beetle in sight and i felt something on my face and i started slapping my own head, then i took my shirt off and ran into the house.

OMG! Best story this WEEK! I like that you took your shirt off and then ran into the house!
I'm pretty sure I would have done the same. Except I wouldn't have taken my shirt off outside. Inside. maybe with the door open. I'm just saying.

yea, i was in the little alcove by my door when i took my shirt off. if i had been thinking clearly i don't think i would have done that. but there was a beetle. a BEETLE!

I completely understand. Beetles, flying things, crawling things ... all can cause weird reactions. Like throwing your shirt off. :)

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