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XF-The aliens are coming!

I am so underdressed.

I've felt yucky all day today. I didn't even want to eat. And if you know me, that's saying a lot. Headachy, tired, queasy. Yeah, if I hadn't made plans to visit jenah one last time before she moved out, I would have crawled into bed and cocooned myself with some books and movies. As it was, I went with the movies. My Bloody Valentine, Push and X-Files: I Want to Believe. I was rather impressed with MBV. It could have gone the really cheesy route, but it was actually engaging. I'm not quite sure why everyone hated Push as much as they did. Some things were too predictable to be taken seriously, but overall it was a fun movie. Of course XF was good. I've seen that one before and I think that did a great job picking up the feel of the old episodes.

I think we're getting our new flooring installed tomorrow. Or they'll start tomorrow. I hope I feel better because feeling bad while that sort of stuff is going on SUCKS. New floor! Woot!

I'm tired and sneezy. If I'm lucky the other dwarves will come visiting tonight and we'll all hang together.
Bad jokes. I apologize.

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that was a bad joke. :-D

Hells yes, it was! And I won't take it back!

Neg, good buddy. Push starring the fabulously HOT Chris Evans. Yum!

You coming down with the "swine" flu?
I highly suspect I got the SWINE flu about a month ago. Either that or I have some sort of random nasty allergy that comes and goes like maybe once a year, I have yet come to terms with.

Lol! No, no swine flu here. Just a nasty summer cold. I told my BFF that it was like in the Stand when "those summer colds are the worst". She was not as amused by that as I was.

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