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SotD-Zombies are Love-big

I thought you'd be the future ...

This is the stuff I was thinking of posting on Twitter earlier but couldn't because it would have been too wordy ...

I'm in the middle of watching Resident Evil: Extinction (in pretty, pretty Blu-Ray) and I immediately start wondering if Carlos and Alice ever had a dirty, dirty relationship. Yes, I have been reading a lot of smut lately, why do you ask? Seriously, though, those two would have had the best dirty sex. All "Who's on top?" and "Bite harder!". Would've been awesome. So now someone needs to write that for me. Just because.

It's about 10 billion degrees here right now. I'm moist, not delicious, and tomorrow's supposed to be hotter. I believe we'll be using that air conditioner.

Cole's up in Tahoe. I'll be watching Zombie movies all night. After Extinction, Diary of the Dead. I had that one queued up last night but never actually started it. What can I say, I got tired. After that? If I'm still raring to go and not falling asleep in my Zombies, The Orphanage. Ghosts! Awesome!

Anybody seen the 2012 trailer? The new one, not the teaser. Oh.My.God. It's like it's a movie that was custom made for me! A Kelly-made movie! There's all this destruction and I was all "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" and then I wanted to watch it immediately. But I can't because I'm in the middle of Extinction and the movie hasn't come out yet. Alas.

Sleeping tonight is not going to be enjoyable. I love sweating. *blink, blink* Love.It.

I'm all done. :)

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what are you doing tomorrow night? we should go see 'drag me to hell' i think you would love it!

I forgot to tell you I had a nightmare the other night in which I woke up and thought something scary was at the foot of my bed. So I kind of lept up and fell off at the same time it's a tall bed you know - and it took me a few minutes to fully realize I was awake and not seeing anything.

feel free to talk amongst yourselves...

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