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ST-Kirk/McCoy-Kirk likes the big chair

That's not even sanitary ...

This is my 1701st journal entry. That's a lot of writing.

Okay. So. Today, I bought a Blu-Ray player. I love this damn thing. I've watched Resident Evil and Star Trek The Motion Picture and I have Diary of the Dead in but I haven't started that yet. I love it! LOVE IT!

Which leads me to this burning question that I must ask (I've heard they have creams for that!): Knowing the types of movies that I like, which movie would you recommend as the first I buy on Blu-Ray? I borrowed the ones I watched today. It's nice have a personal Blu-Ray library.

Anyway. What movies look good in Blu-Ray that I'd drool over?

Tell me!!!

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(Deleted comment)
Umm, cool. I totally don't remember either.

(Deleted comment)
That was very funny. I loved the Smurfs with Papa Smurf all buffed and ... buffed.

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