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Stock-All these witchy things

Want to do this one?

Are you ready for this? I'm going to take a long, rambling story and turn it into something so uninteresting that you're all going to weep. Or I'm just going to tell a story. Whatever.

So, about two or three years ago I decided to stop drinking soda. All types. It wasn't the least bit hard (except at stupid restaurants where all they offer is soda) and I felt good about stopping. Cut to my second viewing Star Trek last week when the stupid girl behind the counter heard "A Cherry Icee" as "A stupendously HUGE Cherry Coke". She was so dumb that I just took what she gave me and let it go. So, I drank some of that. Not all because I'm fairly certain I would have floated away if I had, but some. Today, at a graduation party I decided to throw caution to the wind and have a regular Coke. I currently feel like I'm dying. My head is going to split open like ripe fruit and spill out across my keyboard. It hurts so fucking much. I don't know if it's the sugar, the caffeine or a bad coincidence but I'm not drinking soda again. Ever. I feel like I'm sporting a 1000 watt hangover. It's awful.

I did manage to finish a book earlier ...

Book #45 - Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale (Book 1) by Holly Black - I loved, loved, loved this book. It was captivating from the very start. As a parent, I wasn't thrilled with all the smoking and whatnot going on, but it was well written and I'm horribly excited to pick up the next two in the series. As an aside, Holly Black can be found on LJ at blackholly.

This means that I've finished all my library books. Yay! I can get more! More! More!

Okay. Hailey's recital last night was really cute. It was space themed and the little girls are adorable when they're trying to dance. Hailey was very graceful up on stage and she had the best leap in her entire class. Love!

I'm going to find the kid and force him to take a shower. I honestly don't know the last time he took one since it's been days and days and days since he was home. Also, I dyed my hair again and it turned out much closer to the shade of red that I was hoping for. Red hair. Awesome.

I'm out.