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XF-Put away the pieces to hide the truth


I dyed my hair red this morning. Well, reddish-brown. Only I want it a little more red so I might dye it again and see it it pumps up the color a bit. I was doing this at 6:45 this morning. Is that weird?

In other news, Cole made it back from his camping trip. I picked him up at 9 this morning, spent an hour with him (including driving time) and then packed him off to his friend's. He needed somewhere to stay while the rest of the fam was at Hailey's dance recital tonight and we'd planned on him going to his friend's house for a while. I just didn't realize that the camping trip was going to extend into today. Boo. I miss the little brat.

Ahh, well. I'll see him tomorrow.

Okay. Besides napping today, that's about all I did. Boo-yah. I'm going to go find some chocolate.

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(Deleted comment)
Comfort wipe? Because that's AWESOME!
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Wolfram Alpha is retarded
I bring on the Apocalypse
Maintain your dignity
iron_knifer has been knifed

Any of those? Give me another hint!

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