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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books


oddmonster thinks to keep up with me in our book reading contest. I think I will finish these library books in a day or two and go get more!

Book #44 - Nemesis (Resident Evil #5) by S.D. Perry - I think the biggest problem I had with this book is that the cover says that it's "The gripping novelization of RESIDENT EVIL 3" and I was expecting it to be about the movie and it wasn't. It was for video game #3. Okay. I guess that's cool. It kinda, sorta follows the plot of Resident Evil: Apocalypse but with Jill Valentine as the main character instead of Alice. Sadly, my beloved Alice was no where to be seen. What's that about? So, Jill's the one being hunted by the Nemesis creature and Jill's the one who gets infected with the virus and Jill's the one who receives the cure. I guess it was okay as far as novelizations go, but it confused me with the change in characters. Having never played the games I can't say whether or not it follows it, but I liked the movie more. How often do I get to say things like that?

One library book to go then I get to go browse for some more.

Hailey was feeling better today. We made a lazy day of it and read books and watched movies instead of doing some of the things I had planned. Which was mostly taking Bailey to the dog park. :) We'll try that tomorrow.

Cole's still camping. I miss that little goober when he's not here.

I'm off to watch REA and compare it to the book.

PS. I picked up some more Star Trek icons.

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so, what's goin on? anything interesting?

Fanfic, Zombies, and original story that's writing itself in my head.

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