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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Oh, that's poo.

Oh crap. I'm tired. If it's 7 here, it has to be later somewhere else. Using this logic it's not too early to go to bed. Except that I have to take the dog out in about 2 hours. I guess it could be a nap. Who am I kidding, like I'd wake up from that!

Why am I so tired? Cole had his last flag football game of the season. Sitting in the sun always makes me sleepy. Sadly, after an awesome season (6 wins, 1 loss, 3 ties), they lost both games in the playoffs. Boo. But they played really well. Cole had a great catch that he ran in for the point after and one that he intercepted to stop the other team from scoring. Overall, I think he had a really good time playing and it wasn't a terrible schedule (a 45 minute practice every Sunday followed by 2 30 minute games). I'd be willing to give this sport another watch. I like it when my kid gets excited about running around.

Tomorrow is going to be a lazy first day of summer. The library is closed so we can't get our library cards until Tuesday. The cupcake shop is closed so we can't get cupcakes until Tuesday. That leaves... vacuuming the garage? Cleaning out my car? Sleeping in? (until at least 6:30!!!!) Reading a book? Watching a movie? Keeping the kids from killing one another? All of the above? No, that's too much stuff for one day. Maybe I'll string it out over a couple of days. I also may have been talked into seeing Star Trek again. May have. No, I was talked into it. I just have to figure out when.

That's about all I have to say.