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The damage has been repaired

I had my first ever adventure at Ikea today. iron_knife had been planning on going and I asked if I could tag along. I have two words for you ... Swedish Meatballs. They were the highlight of the freaking DAY for me. All delicious and meaty. Yum! I desperately wanted to get a second plate. I'm pretty sure I would have exploded if I had eaten it, but it would have been worth it. Oh, it would have.

I also looked at desks. My current desk is a mere 32 inches wide. (Backstory ... I had a very small space at my old house to fit the desk into and I had to work with what I had.) I have enough room now to get a 60" one. The thought of being able to put all my stuff away is empowering. I feel stronger just thinking about it. So I'm looking. Not buying yet, but definitely looking.

In other news ... tomorrow is the last day of school for the kiddies. Cole wrote a really nice thank you letter to his teacher. It was sweet. The downside to this is that the kids are already driving me crazy and summer hasn't even started yet. Oh, noes! I yelled at Cole today because he tore apart my closet looking for something and just left it. Wha??? No. Cleaning up is now mandatory. So say we all.

I'm trying to watch the original Star Trek movies but something is wrong with my disc. Annoying.

I'm out.

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My brother kept raving about the Swedish Meatballs at Ikea, and every time we go we never have any. Bah.


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