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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

We have work to do!

Umm ... I saw Star Trek today. Wow. I'm so glad I decided to see that in the theaters. It was an amazing amount of fun. I will admit that I pulled Cole out of school before lunch to tag along. What? It's the last week of school. They aren't doing all that much. Plus, it was Star Trek.

I'm not sure which movie I want to see again more right now. ST or TS. Both were a TON of fun and I am enamoured of my Terminator movies. But ... I don't know. I just don't know. So, I'm watching Star Trek: First Contact right this moment to give me something to focus on. Maybe the original T will be next. I don't know.

Yeah. That was all I did today. Best day ever, or what?

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omg you are the best mom ever. LOL

Star Trek is totally worth it!!!!!

I KNEW I could count on your support in my delinquent ways! Especially in regards to Chris Pine and Star Trek!

(Deleted comment)
Dammit! I just texted you that!

so i guess possibly going on wednesday night is out? :-)

Yes. And no. I might still want to see it again. It just depends on the cost.

My kid wouldn't sit still thru Wall-E, much less Star Trek.
I loved ST...and I don't even like Star Trek. It was much fun.

It was phenomenally good!

I want to see Star Trek again quite badly. But I do think that Alex and I are going to see Terminator Friday night....however I just LOVED Star Trek.

It was really, really, really, really good. Yay!

(Deleted comment)
I still haven't seen the new Star Trek movie. Bah.
My brother setup up a specific date so I could tag along while him and his step-daughter went to see it.
Then I got the swine flu. I am not kidding.
My voice got so deep I sounded like Lurch from the Adams Family. So I couldn't go on that specific date, and they went to see it without me.
Double BAH!
Probably going to sneak off and see it on my own.
I REALLY want to see it. Been a long time Star Trek fan. My personal bias was the Deep Space Nine series. I still think Benjamin Sisco is too cool for starfleet school.

PLease tell me that you've seen the new movie by this point! Please! It's so good. I'm planning a second viewing already. So much fun!

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