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Holy fuck! I just changed my monitor over to a gorgeous one that's ... actually, I don't know how big it is, I just know it's bigger than the one I had ... and it's beyond AWESOME! It's HUGE! And I'm all ... O_o ... niiiiiccccce.

I did have to buy speakers to go with it since my old monitor had speakers in it, but it was a small price to pay for a free monitor that's 11111100000000% better than my old one. Plus, these speakers do sound way better. Music! Yay!

I must return later. Also, I must draw you. Hahahaha! I had a lot of coffee today. Hee!


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(Deleted comment)
That was fucking BRILLIANT!

(Deleted comment)
It's GINORMOUS compared to my old monitor. Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
Honestly, that looks like a little midget Vader who's trying to escape but just can't get away. Hahahahahaha!
It doesn't hold a candle to "I'll be back!" Great song!

*ahem* The monitor I got this year is a 28 inch widescreen monitor.
Oh yeah!

Well, fuck! That's bigger than some TVs. Crazy!

LoL. Actually, that was my intention. I abandoned the classic TV and now I watch everything over the internet. I no longer have to pay for cable TV service.
When I get the urge for HD shows, I just download a hi def version of a show.
It's all working out very well.

That is a most excellent idea!

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