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I was a busy little bee today. Busy enough that I didn't take a nap. Yikes!

Book #40 - White Witch, Black Curse (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows, Book 7) by Kim Harrison - This is honestly one of my favorite series. It's such a well realized world that I can forgive it nearly anything. Rachel is hunting down Kisten's killer (who was not the vamp I thought it was). The catch? She has no memory of the night it happened. On top of that, her demon marks are causing all sorts of interesting problems for her from Inderlanders who don't want to believe that a white witch would do the things she'd done in self-defense. There's also a major sub-plot involving a banshee and her child and Rachel's attempts to track her down. Overall, a very satisfying book.

Okay. So, I have all these Blu-Ray pages that I play with all the time. I had the idea that I would break down what makes a specific type of movie work. Like, Zombie movies. What differentiates a good Zombie movie from a bad Zombie movie? Blood, guts, gore ... you get the point. Anyway. I started working on that and I realized about part way through the first section that adding this to the existing pages would make the pages GARGANTUAN! So, I broke off the Zombie section into a page of it's own.

Zombies on Blu-Ray

Oh, wow. This opens up a world of possibilities on those pages. I'm almost flabbergasted. Not quite, but almost. I also get to wax poetic about Zombies. And eventually ghosts and ghoulies and other exciting things. I'm thrilled!

You know, it might not sound like I was terribly busy, but I was. I'm also writing a story in my head. I keep meaning to sit down and write it, but it just keeps evolving a piece at a time in my head. Lovely. Maybe now that I have a sweet new keyboard I'll do it. I'll write it. My obligatory random writing of the year. Although I do hope to expand the amount of things I'm writing now that I'm not crazed with work.

I'm done.