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You are not!

Umm ...

Book #39 - Sail by James Patterson - My mom and my sister raved about this book. Raved about it. So I was all, okay! I'll read it! I'm not saying the book was bad, but it didn't live up the expectations I was given. As with all James Patterson books, there was death. There was intrigue. There was double-crossing. To be honest, although I enjoyed the book as a light read (3-4 hours, tops!), it didn't hold a candle to several of the really good books I've read lately. Namely, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and The Giver. Even Breaking Dawn - and that was more in the line of pure entertainment and some chaste sex. So, there.

Okay. I have this idea that I want to implement on my Blu-Ray web pages but I keep getting distracted by how time-consuming I think it will be. Which is stupid because I have nothing but time right now. Not so much when the kids are out of school at the end of next week. I should really take advantage of this. And yet... I don't. Lame.

I'm going to go harass Hailey now. :)

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Okay. I had the same reaction to Sail. My mom was like, "You have to read this!" and I was like "OKAY!" and I read it and I was like, "Okay, that was good I guess." I mean, it wasn't OMG ASTOUNDING but it was a good Patterson read.

Yes, I've read a lot better.

But saying Breaking Dawn was better?

Kelly. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I liked Breaking Dawn. Whatever you want to say about Stephanie Meyer's writing, she gave me a story that I was interested in and find fascinating. I stand by what I said! :)

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