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The last one hit like a little girl ...

I'd like to share something monumental with everyone ... It was 20+ degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. MORE THAN 20 DEGREES! You might not think that's something beyond incredible until you've sat in 100+F degree heat one day and had to wear a sweater the next. I'm just ... *boggles*. We didn't even make it up to 80F today. Holy smokes!

Yeah. So, my excitement for the day consisted of being wind-blown by the insane wind that was whipping through our house because HI we had all our windows open even though we didn't need to. The good thing about the cool weather? I baked. Cherry Almond Muffins and Irish Soda Bread. Breakfast tomorrow is going to have something to do with the Irish Soda Bread. I just haven't figured out what.

The other excitement for my day was getting a call from one of my old work compatriots and chatting for a bit. She mentioned that things were just as crazy as always and she had a minor crying fit earlier in the month (or so) and it made me soooo damn grateful that I decided to cut and run when I did. I can honestly say that I've never been happier than I am now. Sure, I'm a little worried about money, but I'm not stressed. I'm not making myself sick. I'm planning on painting my bedroom! I'm working on a cookbook. I'm thinking about taking more pictures and putting together a photo book. I get to help out in Cole's classroom and pick him up from school every day. I love that part. Except for when it cuts into my nap. Today wasn't a problem since I took my nap at 10:30. Man, that's early. Maybe it was 11 by the time I settled down. *shrug*

Anyway. On a fandom note, I watched the season finale of Bones the other night. What was that? I wish I had liked it more. It was funny and yet ... not my idea of a season finale. Not at all. And The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canceled. I am most saddened by that. Most. However, it does look like Cole is really jazzed to see Terminater: Salvation, so that's going to be AWESOME! If only I could talk him into Star Trek.

The dog's asleep by my feet. She's curled up on one of my blankets. How cute!

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You have to talk him into seeing Star Trek?! O.O
What's up with that?

I DON'T KNOW! I'm beginning to suspect that he's not really my child. :(

You know, I couldn't convince LT to go see Star Trek with me. I went and saw it by myself. But, he will go with me to see Terminator. I want to know why my boy wouldn't go see it either. It rocked, IMO.

Kids get such funny ideas in their heads sometimes. Hmmph!
Happy belated b-day, btw!

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