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Lost-Sawyer- F!

Make life easier ...

I'm always disappointed when a "new" episode of something (*cough*Lost*cough*) is on and I'm duped into watching it and it ends up being nothing but a recap episode. Of course I've watched all of them. Sometimes I even get something out of it. I'm sure the real finale will kick me in the head. Metaphorically. If it were literal, I would be both scared and impressed that someone could kick me through the TV.


Cole was making a Lost board game earlier. I know that Jack and Kate were in it. Hee! My kid is uber cool.

I hurt my foot yesterday somehow. Ouch. I can't quite figure out what I did or what I need to do to make it better. It just kinda hurts. I've been lazing around on the bed for most of the day. I started reading Breaking Dawn. Finally. jenah gave it to me for my birthday. In October. I really like it, but sometimes it feels very overwrought. It's so ... OMG! EDWARD! WOE! BELLA! WOE! I have to read it in small batches. You know, 150 pages at a time. What? That's small for me.

I'm also trying to read one of the Shopaholic books. I'm not seeing this as a series that I'll be devouring. It's very ... shallow. And the main character kinda annoys me. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will disagree with me, but this isn't my type of book. I might finish it. It kinda depends. On how annoying Becky gets.

In other book news, I bought 3 books today. Amazon! LOVE! I can definitely see myself reading those 3 before finishing Shopaholic Does Whatever.

My dog is sleeping stretched across my bed. She's taking up more room across the pillows than I do. Cute? Yeah. Cute. She sighs in her sleep. It's pretty funny.

I am done. For now ...