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Psych-quote-the best nutshelling

Humans teach you that!

Well, it took me far longer than I liked, but I finished my book!

Book #31 - Specials (Uglies Book 3) by Scott Westerfeld - After a very slow start (which had more to do with me than the book), I ended up really, really liking how Scott Westerfeld tied up the story and brought it full circle. The idea that Tally is the catalyst for change and ends up being the watchman for the world against the change made this very satisfying. Overall, the first book was probably the best, but I'm happy with the way it ended. Very happy. I might read the next. I might not. Time will tell.

Now I'm back to the infuriatingly confusing book. Hopefully it won't drive me batshit crazy.

I took some pictures today, but I like the idea of using bay12 for my pictures, so I think I'm going to be putting them there. Kinda a day in the life thing. With pictures. I have a lot of time on my hands, don't I?

In the "probably too much info and possibly you will not look at me the same after" category, I shaved my legs after three weeks. It was an exercise in self discipline. How long could I stand not shaving before it grossed me out? The answer was three weeks. I am kinda proud of myself for being all "Whatever, world! I'm not going to shave just because you expect it!" At the same time, when Hailey told me that there was a tarantula on my legs and she was just talking about how hairy they were ... well, that was kinda the straw that broke my resolve. Anyway. That's the end of my story.

I did a minor reorganization on my bookshelf today. It looks so damn pretty. I love my books.

I'm out!