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It's only a safety measure.

I'm watching Rose Red right now! I'm also both kid and dog free since they're sleeping in Cole's room. Oh, Blessed Day! It's amazing how much better I sleep when the kiddo isn't tossing and turning beside me. Or the dog isn't right up against my leg. Or shoulder, as the case may be.

I've been culling through my DVDs to see is there are any that I want to sell back to Streetlight whenever I get around to going. There seem to be quite a few. I may look through them again and put some back. Who knows.

Pictures! Okay. Today we were supposed to have rain (tomorrow too) but we didn't. We just had pretty storm-tossed clouds and humid air. However, it gave me some pretty skies to take photos of. Plus, I took a cool shot of the interior walk of the houses where I live. It's kinda cool.

Pretty isn't it? My house is the first on the right. I love it! Oh, I took all those pictures at the same time. It was just dark and stormy looking in two of the directions. Neat!

You know, I didn't get all (or any, really) of the things done today that I was going to get done. Oops. I guess I'll do one or two once I finish this.

In other news ... no, wait. That was everything.

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My husband and I quote Emery's mom all the time haha
haha especially since Matt Ross is on Big Love. When he comes on the screen sometimes, we yell it ;)
I also LOVE Matt Keeslar. I seriously want him.

Matt Keesler is AWESOME!

Goddess, I wish I lived in California right now.

- Sepra

It's been beautiful here, I have to admit!

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