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I've found bones in the attic, hidden away.

You know how yesterday I had no kids and I ended up watching nothing but kid friendly movies? Yeah. Tonight, both kids are here (Hailey can't stay away from her beloved dog!) and I'm trying to watch a horror-lite movie. It's rather difficult when I have to keep pausing it whenever they wander in. I really should have planned that better.

I think it's time for another picture! Or two.

The first is our lemon tree with most of the blossoms faded. The second is my lavender plant. Cole informed me that the picture looks fake. Lol! It's not. I promise.

I'm 50 or 60 pages into one of my current books and it's kinda confusing me. That makes me determined to figure out if it's me or the book. I'm leaning toward the book at the moment. Yeah, things had best be explained. Or I'm cracking skulls!

I've felt very scattered the last week or so. I have all theses THINGS that I need to get done and somehow I just don't do them. I have been cooking a lot, though. Trying out recipes. Tossing out recipes because they're vile. Deciding to make one teeny, tiny little change that will doubtless make this the BEST RECIPE EVER! Yeah. I've had to get on the food log train because I'm worried that all this cooking is going to make me pile on the pounds. Scary! It's deceptive when most of the foods I'm dealing with are fresh and healthy and I think that I can eat as much of them as I want. So, I'm tracking it. It's going rather well so far. And it really is surprising how quickly all those little extras can add up. Anyway. I'm at Self.com under soulswallo if anyone else is hanging around there. :)

As an interesting aside, I brushed my teeth with baking soda today. It was very salty. Not at all what I thought it would be. That Baking Soda book I read the other day is already making an impact.

I'm out!

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(Deleted comment)
Maybe. The skull cracking might be inevitable at this point. We'll see.

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