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Psych-quote-the best nutshelling

A thousand to one ...

Oh, my day was jam-packed! Seriously!

We got our sweet little dog today from the animal shelter. The poor thing was spayed this morning so she's a little out of it. It looks like her name is going to be Bailey. She is seriously so sweet. Awww. My mom's cat isn't sure what to make of her.

Besides getting the dog, I've been working on web pages all day. All.Day.
I made a page for Reusable shopping bags.
I've broken up my main Blu-Ray page into smaller and much more manageable genre specific pages.
Sci-Fi on Blu-Ray
TV on Blu-Ray

Actually, that's about it. It felt like a lot more stuff while I was doing it. Part of it is probably that I keep looking at that main Blu-Ray page and thinking about how much more I have to do to get that page to where I want it.

Okay. Time to get the kiddo off to bed.

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Look at this cute thing I made so my kids know where to put their recyclables. I put one of these in every bathroom and by the computer desk... because I can't believe how much recyclable material we throw away simply because our only recycle can used to be near the kitchen trash downstairs.


This is completely awesome! I LOVE IT!
Huh. I don't have a recycling icon. Boo, me.

You adopted a dog? How cool! My parents did the same thing just recently! My mom is in heaven!!

We've never had a dog before. She's so sweet!

i can't believe you didn't post a picture of your new dog! i want to see that dog!

I'm sorry. I'll take a pic or two tomorrow.

(Deleted comment)
What's the dog that rescues people trapped in the snow? St. Bernard? Yeah. That's what we got. A big-assed St. Bernard!

I'm still in shock about the dog. You didn't mention anything about it over the weekend. Not a word! LOL and yes a photo please.

I'm surprised I didn't say anything, but it was sorta spur of the moment when we actually decided to go to the shelter.

(Deleted comment)
Bwahahahahaha! That's awesome!

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