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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

You're afraid I'd write about it!

I'm watching a movie right now that has a young Naomi Watts. It took me a few minutes to figure out why she looked so familiar. It also has that guy from Twin Peaks. The one who was kinda a pussy. I can already tell that I'm going to be reviewing this tomorrow. It's just that good.

It's freaking hot here. Now. Yes. The wind needs to start blowing with hurricane force again to cool me off.

We're picking up our dog tomorrow afternoon. The kids are so excited that it's scary. I told my mom that we should get two dogs so they don't fight over it. Everybody seems to think that's an odd idea. I was being serious. Oh, and the dog's name has morphed into "Bailey". I'm still rooting for Starbuck.

My mom specifically asked me to make a new web page for reusable shopping bags. Okay. If she insists. I did my research today and will make the page tomorrow.

I also did research on making a glass cleaner (requested by Amber and Phil) and an all purpose cleaner (requested by me because I'm not buying anymore!). Hopefully I can pick up everything tomorrow and get it made so that I can start my extensive testing. That means that I'll be cleaning the bathroom constantly. You know, I think I've cleaned the bathroom more since I quit my job than ever before. That would be in all my years put together. Crazy!

I am done. I have to cart the kiddo off to bed soon. :)

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i don't think two dogs is weird. i wonder what salem would say...

so, jordan spraypainted jacob (kurt's niece and nephew) in the face. spraypainted his whole face. i can't believe it! she is grounded i guess. no hannah montana movie for her!

is hailey in to hannah montana? i was kind of surprised to learn jordan liked that show, i always thought it was aimed towards a little bit older crowd... like 10 year olds.

Hailey does like Hannah Montana, but she's more into Pokemon. Mostly because of Cole.
Spray painted Jacob? Wow.

(Deleted comment)
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