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Stock-Books-Lots and lots

Nothing bad ever happens here ...

I have completed my task. Another book read.

Book #25 - Living with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong - For some reason, as much as I love this author and this series, these books take me a while to get into. And this is a good book. It's baffling. When Robyn Peltier is framed for the murder of her client she suddenly finds herself thrown into the baffling world of the Supernaturals. Of which her best friend Hope is one of. I really liked how twisty the over-arcing storyline is becoming. Betrayals, murders, lies, and it's making me wonder how long before the normals find out about the supernatural world. I'm excited to see where this goes.

Cole had a field trip to Sacramento tomorrow. I have to have him to school no later than 6:40. That's early. I'm normally up and everything, but it's early. I think I'll wait to shower until after he's been dropped off. On top of that he won't be home until around 6. That's a freaking long day. I packed him some extra snacks to fortify him. I also promised him that we could go out to dinner after. Fun!

Speaking of dinner, I made soup tonight. It was goooood. And fairly quick. I'm turning into a right handy person in the kitchen.

Oh, we had an earthquake here this morning. Nothing major. I think it was in the 4.something range. But it was close to Morgan Hill so we got a good little rumble. For all you who don't live where there are earthquakes, they're not that bad. They roll through and do their business and are usually gone before you have time to react. Nothing to fret about.

Okay. It's time for me to toddle off to bed. I have my next two books picked out already. Maybe I'll read for a few minutes. :) I like my books. You know, sleep can wait. I took a nap today. I'm going to read.