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Stock-Book-Once upon a time

I'm here to stay!

Since I didn't journal yesterday and I have such important news to spill, you all get TWO journals today.

Book #23 - Maze of Deception (Star Wars:Boba Fett Book 3) by Elizabeth Hand - I finished this last week or the week before and kept forgetting to write it up. Bad me. This si what happens when I take such a long time between books. So, Boba has to work with the Bounty Hunter Aurra Sing to access the money his father left him when he died. Not a great book, but entertaining. Plus, my boy's still reading!


Book #24 - The Prophet of Yonwood (3rd Book of Ember) by Jeanne DuPrau - This is the one I skipped during my Ember reading spree earlier in the year. The book wasn't terrible, but it was set before the city of Ember is built and that took me out of the story right there. Plus, the main character did some really boneheaded things. Like spying on people for the town fanatic. Why? Why would an 11 year old girl do that? The lady was a loon, don't spy for her. I really liked the other 3 books in this series and although I understand how the author wanted to show why the city was built, this book just doesn't hold up to the others. If I was reading the series as it was published, I would have been pissed to have this one put out as the 3rd. Finish the story of Lina and Doon and then tell the story of what came before. Don't make me wait! This one can definitely be read out of order and I recommend reading the 1st, 2nd and 4th first. You won't miss much.

Now I want to finish the other book I'm in the middle of before the end of the month. Game on!