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Cloverfield-The lady needs a head

A really good headhunter!

Everybody sit down for this announcement. Sitting? Good. I made dinner tonight. A real dinner. I made Chicken Marsala with whole wheat fettuccine and a salad. I also baked my world famous banana bread. I tweaked it a bit to give it a little oomph. It was delicious. So delicious that you should be a little sad that you don't have any right now.

I Twittered about it. The banana bread and the dinner. I also twittered about other things. Mostly of the Cole variety. It amused me greatly.

OH! The bags I'm going to ship my detergent out in came today. It's ridiculous how excited I was at a box of empty, plain bags. My next task is to find the right size stickers for my label. I had to wait until I had the bags to make sure everything fits properly.

I have to get my kid to bed. He'll wrangle a few extra minutes out of me if I'm not paying attention. And then he'll have a hard time getting up in the morning. That's never fun.

I'm out.

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The recipe, woman, the recipe for the banana bread! I have a husband and four dogs to feed!

I don't mind emailing it to you, but I have to dig the recipe out of it's hiding place downstairs. Yes, it's that precious. Also, I'm in the middle of planning a cookbook and this might make it into it. Yum.

the detergent is powdered? i thought it was liquid for some reason.

I was worried about how the liquid detergent would hold up and how I would ship it. So I went with powdered. :) It works perfectly though. We've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I'm not going back! I'm not!

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