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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Who? I ask you. Who?

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I'd just like to announce (loudly) that the freaking slowness of the internet is driving me bonkers today. I want to lash out at something. But I don't. Mostly because Twitter's taking too long to load. Boo.

But it did give me time to contemplate things...
I was thinking about all the things I like about working from home.
  • I don't have to wear shoes unless I want to.
  • The new pillows I bought for my bed make me want to sink into them. In the middle of the day. That might be a bad thing.
  • Which color should I dye my hair? Neon red? Blue? Green? So many choices!
  • A movie a day. Whether I like it or not.
  • I've found that I do have a capacity for cooking. Sure I use the same several ingredients in all my things, but I'm doing it! Does anybody remember the frozen pizza incident?
  • As part of above, I'm eating a lot healthier because I have the time to cook. I also get to go on walks with Cole. And play pogo with the boy in the afternoon.
  • I can drink good coffee whenever I want to. And I'm making it making it myself so it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  • More creativity from me! Buckets of it! I love all the ideas I'm coming up with. Writing, selling, creating! Woot!
  • I'm not at work.

    So, there you have it. I really never liked wearing shoes. That was a big one. Sometimes I wear slippers when I drop Cole off at school. Best thing ever.

    I got a call from my former assistant at the bank. They're being audited. That was my absolute least favorite thing about my (former) job. It happens once a year and it was horrible. HORRIBLE. At least for me because it had so much to do with my (former) job. I'm so glad I'm not there anymore. (see above) :)

    Now, I have to get back into reading again. How many weeks have I been off work now? 8? And how many books have I read? None? Ouch. That stings a little.

    I'm off. I think I have some shows to watch. Or something.

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    Uh...You dye your hair green? And I shall be forced to fly across the country and ravish you senseless, Riptide DVDs at the ready. Woof, dude.

    lol! It honestly depends on what color dye I can find that is as bright as I want it. But I'll keep that in mind.

    So did you officially quit?

    Yep. My last paid day was the 13th. My last official day was the 17th. Or maybe ti was the 18th. Whatever. I'm outta there!

    ha! Icon love!
    And thank you!

    What coffee maker do you have? I just bought a new one and I don't like it that much (my first GE).

    We have some awful off brand that I hate. But it makes the coffee and I can buy the fancy flavored types that I like, so I guess I won't complain too much. :)

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