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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

input needed!

Here are the two logos that are currently in contention as THE LOGO. Most everyone seems to like the same one, except my mom, who likes the other one. Therefore, I'm asking you guys to take a look at them.

Poll #1371825 Logo-Mania!

Which logo do you like better?


**In case you couldn't tell, click on the button below the logo you like. :)

I'll be back later. I have to work off this cinnamon roll. I think that if I ever decide to make these again I'm going to use a heck of a lot less butter.


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For some reason I cannot see your logos.

Here are the links to my scrapbook.
I hope those work.

the bottom one looks like gisters.

That was exactly what Eric said. Did you two discuss your answers? That one was the one I liked. Now I'm not so sure. Pfft.

no, we didn't discuss it. i also didn't discuss it with kurt and he thought it said gisters as well. why are you naming your new business gisters?

for you hair, can you do a purple/pink deal? like chunky highlights of purple and pink? too bad st patricks day has passed, you could've gone the orange/green route to be extra festive.

sidenote: yes, i wear orange on st patricks day cause thats what they do in ireland. i know, i was there. (this sidenote was not aimed at kel, just a small rant since my insistance of wearing orange on st. patricks day ALWAYS conjures an argument from someone).

I'm not naming it that. *sticks out tongue*

I'm not sure where I can go to get neon hair color. Any suggestions? I like the idea of two colors. It's wacky! Purple and pink would be cooool.

I prefer the clean, but i think it's a bit hard to read, as in the sis-ters bit. Where the heart cuts into the text.

At least you could tell it was a heart. Someone asked me if they were boobs. *facepalm*

The second one looks like a 'g' instead of an 's'.

That seems to be the overwhelming opinion. And that was the one I liked a wee bit more. But since I like both of them, it's not a huge sacrifice to go with the other one.

how funny :) I do see areas that we didn't get to clean up - so the layers need to be checked for additional erasing dude.

OR painting in white

Seriously, you're going to have to point them out to me. :)

You must have a much better monitor than I do because I can't see anything. Or my eyes are failing me RIGHT NOW!

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