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Stock-Tea is my drink

I made you and I can destroy you!

If you can believe this, I've cleaned my bathroom twice in the last 4 days. Yeah. I never do that. But I have to test out the cleaning products I'm making and it just seems easy to test it out on my bathroom. you know, because it's RIGHT THERE. So, I have a super clean bathroom.

Randomly, H is planning a trip to Disneyworld at the end of June/beginning of July. I've decided to pass on that trip. Partially because I'm not technically working at the moment and hence am not making any money and partially because OMG! HOW FREAKING HOT IS IT GOING TO BE??? I'm thinking of going to Disneyland in December when Cole's on vacation. That sounds so much more refreshing.

I think I might make cinnamon rolls tomorrow. I have the ingredients. I have the time. I can do it.

That's about all there is today.
Cole and I play pogo every day. It makes my hands hurt. But I still do it. Because that's what a mom does. Word.

I'm out.

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I'm going to LA/San Diego in July - i want the freaking hot-ness of the weather!

Oh, you'll get it! You will.

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