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Lost-The van that saves us all!

I don't think it's called that ...

I had one of those moments earlier today where I realized that I was never going to have to work at the bank again. I could dye my hair with chunky neon red streaks. Or blue! Or green! And nobody would care. And even if they did care, I wouldn't care that they'd care. Beautiful!

Day 23 (and 22) celebrating 30 in 30 is up at blabapalooza. I've nearly finished all my Monsters of the Deep movies. Whew. I'm reaching critical mass on those. Too many denizens of the deep in too short a time. And yet I have one more to review. One more. I can do it.

Cole and I were watching the Y2K episode of Family Guy and all of a sudden he says, "Mom, if this takes place in 1999, why is Stewie alive? He shouldn't have been born yet, right?" Me, "Bwahahahahaha!" Too awesome.

I'm going to go tuck my kid into bed. Later!
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ooohh... are you going to dye your hair? that would be awesome!

I'm seriously considering it. Yay!

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