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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

We have no idea!

I'm watching Deepstar Six as a cap to my Monsters of the Deep marathon and it's really not holding up to the other sea monster movies. In fact, it's kinda bad. Which means that I'll review something *gasp* I might not like. Crazy!

I did some research on my forthcoming work from home venture earlier. I'm getting really jazzed to get this up and running. I just have to wait for my bags. Grr. Sometimes I'm not patient.

I'm going to watch this not great movie now.
Wish me luck.

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Oh you big hater! I adored Deepstar Six. Bring it!

Oh, no. You're not going to be thrilled with this review. I'm having a hard time sitting through this movie. And I usually like bad movies.

I'll consider it brought-en, then.

Oh, yeah. Umm, you're not going to like this review. I apologize to you in advance.

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