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Psych-quote-You heard about Pluto?

You're spellbound.

Umm, wow. I totally meant to come back yesterday and spam the hell out of everyone. Alas, I did not. I blame BSG. I actually watched the finale yesterday more or less as it was airing which is an INCREDIBLE feat for me. Seriously, my rule of thumb is that I can't have two eps on my DVR. I always have to watch last week's before this week's airs. So, for me to watch it as it (more or less) happens is nearly catastrophic.

For the record (and I'm not going to go into details here), I really, really liked it. No, not everything was answered but it gave us a concrete ending. And I enjoyed it. I'm almost tempted to go back and do a marathon rewatch.

The weather's teasing me with rain right now. It's been splattering off and on this afternoon and now it's kinda hot. Like, that hot before a storm when everything's still and heavy. I have the window open because the air's feeling close.

Day 21 celebrating the 30 in 30 is up at blabapalooza. So it day 20. But there was that whole thing where I didn't come back to journal after my early morning babble fest and didn't mention it.

Here's good news on the logo front. jenah and her son came over for a visit and Jenn and I brainstormed on Photoshop and I think I have my logo. It's not exactly what I had in me head, but I really like it and it does get the point across that I was trying to get at.

There you have it. I did a lot today.

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(Deleted comment)
The weekend is not over yet, my friend. Indeed it is not. Incidentally, I'm now friends with Felicia Day on Goodreads. Awesome.

Brainstorming and "Doomsday" = double pack of fun.

Lol! I've already written my review for that one, but I want to finish out my underwater creature theme, so it won't be up for a few days. :)

BSG gave us closure and for that i am happy!

That's exactly it. I liked seeing a concrete ending.

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