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XF-Mulder & the OCD

I think I have a little bit of "me work" to do.

I have Day 18 up for the 30 in 30 at blabapalooza. The rest of the week will be the Reign of the Sea Monster! I'm not only having fun writing these, I'm also having fun watching them! Sea Monsters of the world, UNITE!

It's hot here. It's still 65F. That means that I'm going to be sleeping with the windows open. I get such a hurricane force breeze through here when I do that.

I watched last week's The Office earlier. I didn't actually enjoy it all that much so I'm just going to move along. I'm just going to throw it out there that sometimes Michael is just too much for me. I just stop wanting to watch him.

Cole wants to watch Push. Cool.

I have another sea monster movie to watch. I should totally get to it. I'll catch Lost tomorrow. Hopefully. Sometimes it takes me a day or two. Or a week. Whatever. My rule of thumb is that I have to have the eps watched before the next one airs.

I'm out!

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(Deleted comment)
Who doesn't like a little Pirate's Booty?

I REALLY wanted to watch Push! It's gone from cinemas here though now :(

Here too. I just have to wait for it on DVD now. Boo.

Dude LOST is breaking my brain. I LOVE IT. And the theories - they are abounding! Last week's Office was overkill for Michael. David Wallace needs to demote him to Sales for that. tlace had that great idea and we were talking about it earlier this week.

I could not handle Michael. He made me want to turn in off. :(

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