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Psych-quote-You heard about Pluto?

I am not Steve Buscemi.

Wowsers! I could still upload almost 80 more icons before bottoming out. Or limiting out. Or however you'd say that. That's a lot of icons. A LOT.

Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll. If you missed it, I could really use some help choosing a brand name. :) VOTE!!

I've posted my daily review for the 30 in 30 at blabapalooza. I have two contenders for tomorrow's review. Cheesy Sci-Fi channel movie or atmospheric horror? I just don't know yet? Question: Did anyone else hear that Sci-Fi is going to be changing the spelling of their name in April or May or somewhere around there? SyFy. Yeah. That's not so cool. I keep hoping it's some sort of hoax and they'll all jump out form behind a tree soon and yell "PSYCH!" No, wait. Scratch that. I don't want anyone jumping out from behind trees. That's scary.

I'm watching a movie with Jason Mewes in it right now and he's hot. All tatted up and growly. I like him a lot better with short hair. Yum.

I think I'm done now.


PS. Steve Buscemi is my new favorite actor based solely on his Twittering. The guy is hilarious.

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Jason Mewes.... why does that name sound so familiar?

He is Jay of the fabulous Jay and Silent Bob duo!

... yeah i totally knew that ... *whistles*

how did i forget?! PFFT! Useless says i.

lol! You're so silly. Just put it down to a hiccup in your brain and leave it at that.

In that case, i've been having more than my fair share of hiccups the past few days!

Hiccups aren't a bad thing. Sometimes it's just your brain's way of telling you to chill.
So, chill, man. Just chill.

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