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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Heart to heart and hand in hand!

Twitter and Blip.fm are the two biggest time wasters for me right now. I can literally sit there for hours watching what music people are blipping and blipping things to twitter myself. Yikes!

I did find an excellent writing directory site through Twitter, though, so I guess it's not as big a time waster as it could be. I think I'm going to apply to several of the sites that were recommended. I really have to start making money somewhere. You know, since today is the last paid day of my 30 day leave.

I feel so free.

I was having a moment the other day and I realized that I've never been as happy as I am now. Which isn't to say that I'm not generally happy, but the bank really did suck the joy of a lot of things for me. And by "a lot of things" I mean life in general. When you're constantly stressed out by work it makes it hard to enjoy the little things. Hailey, my mom and I went on a walk this afternoon and it was really nice to be silly and ridiculous and chase Hailey around like a werewolf. If I were still at the bank, I would have been too tired and stressed to enjoy something like that.

Let this be my lesson to you all out there, don't let your job consume you. Unless it's something that you generally love and get fulfillment out of. The bank wasn't my thing. Hopefully this new career will work out much better for me.

Okay, enough seriousness. I think I'm getting hungry. Boo. That means I'm going to have to leave my cave of a room (my blinds are shut since my computer screen is next to it and the afternoon sun blinds me while I'm sitting here if they're open) and hunt down something to eat.

Have I mentioned that Hailey decided to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas in my room? It's a good thing I can work with distractions going on around me. Anyway. You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Christmas movies in March! Love it!

AND ... Day 13 of the 30 in 30 is up at blabapalooza! I also already have tomorrow's nearly finished. I rock!

Cole was home sick today and now he's heading over to his dad's. Awesome. Scary movies tonight!

I'm out!

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(Deleted comment)
The best part of your comment was "20 years dealing with fish". Ha!
Yes, the stress level is minimal. I like that.

(Deleted comment)
There didn't end up being any scary movies. Boo.

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