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Cloverfield-The lady needs a head

Are you going to throw it all away?

At what point do you worry that you're twittering too much? What's a normal amount of tweets that one might post in a day? Would 20 be considered excessive? 50? I need to know these things so I can make sure I'm staying in the range of normal. You know? Yes? Good.

Day 11 celebrating the 30 in 30 is up at blabapalooza. Plus? I brow beat bangaboomerang into putting up a review. Maybe "brow beat" is a little harsh. I gently prodded her into posting. Go, Des! GO!

I've already watched the movie that I'm going to review tomorrow. I'll give props to anyone who can guess what it is. Ready! Set! GO!

I did some minor reorganizing in my desk area this morning. I moved my printer into a place that makes a lot more sense. You know, I can actually reach it. Much more sense. And now my Twilight calendar isn't covered up partway. Rock on, people. Rock on.

And now I'm done.

If you're interested, I'm still soulswallo at Twitter. :)

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(Deleted comment)
No props for you, but good guess. What with the icon and all. Still, no.

do we get a clue?
I still have a movie to review, but I didn't wanna drop 'em both at the same time. Plus, I got another DVD in the mail from Blockbuster which could potentially be a reviewed movie.

Hmm, a clue. If you look around Blab a bit, you can figure it out. Not just Blab, but the Blab store.

Um, you did mention that you have a Twilight calendar???

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