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Lost-Sawyer- F!

There are many knots that I cannot untie.

I did a bunch of stupid little things today. Besides my idiotic footwear this morning. And by "stupid" I don't mean stupid, I just mean unimportant.

Did I happen to mention the other day that since I've been home alone during the day, nobody's been bursting into the bathroom on me while I'm showering? Yeah, those day are over. Today was my first day watching Hailey before school and I'm rinsing the soap out of my hair when the bathroom door opens and a little voice says "Auntie, are you almost done?" Me- "Yeeeeaaah. Do you need something?" Hailey- "No, I just wanted to know." *headdesk* And the sales lady tried to warn us against getting the stippled glass in the shower. I don't think so. I prefer the illusion of privacy while I'm showering.

Yeah. That pretty much sums up my day. Awesome.