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DW-Rose-All boxed up with nowhere to go

Careful, I might be carrying a concealed weapon!

Holy crap! I did it! I made laundry detergent (remarkably easy) and cleaned the bathroom. Not at the same time. And I'm far more impressed with myself for making the laundry detergent. Because cleaning the bathroom isn't that impressive. I did talk on the phone the entire time I was cleaning. That's somewhat impressive. I think.

While I was pulling up the recipe for the detergent, I came across some other homemade household cleaners. Since I pretty much already have the ingredients on hand, I'm thinking of giving those a try. After we use up what we already have in the house, of course. It makes me feel productive and like I'm helping the planet. Plus, it's far less expensive than the stuff you buy at the store. That's a large portion of what's driving me.

Okay. I posted day 5 of the 30 in 30 at blabapalooza. I also created a webpage for Blu-Ray movies that iron_knife will be buying. Yes, I have time on my hands. Go and check out Ultimate Amazon Shopping: Blu-Ray and let me know what you think. I also created a new webpage for myself - The life of a(n almost) writer. And? I joined Twitter. I'm soulswallo there. I have no idea how to use it, so advice would not only be nice it's actually a requirement.

Let's see. Tomorrow will be a day of more webpage making. Possibly, I will clean one of the other bathrooms. I can't fully commit to that one, though. Maybe. Maybe.

And ... I'm out!

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