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Cloverfield-Goodbye Manhattan

Without rules there would be chaos!

Oh, holy smokes! I did so little today that it was nearly criminal. Although I did watch and review an awful movie at blabapalooza so that all of you don't have to. You can thank me later. And we had a family dinner where I finally remembered to ask my sister to bring her vacation pictures over so that I can paw through them and make art with them. What? My bro-in-law takes nice pictures. Once you see them, you'll understand.

Other than that? Nothing. I took a nap. I played around online for a bit. I played some cards. It's kinda sad when I do all the boring things that keep the house going during the week and don't have anything to do on the weekends. What things? Laundry. Cleaning the house. Taking out the garbage. You know, the fun stuff.

However, that's all balanced out by the SERIOUS amount of grocery shopping I have to do tomorrow. Costco's involved. Fear me. Fear my shopping.

I'm going now.