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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

So, how does this work?

Okay. I just spent something like 3 hours adding all the movies that have been reviewed at blabapalooza to an Amazon store so that they can all be found in one convenient place just in case someone has the deep, dark urge to buy one of them. Is there something wrong with me? Is it silly to think that someone might actually want to buy any of them? Is it even sillier to spend 3 hours working on it?

Too bad. It's done. The hard part is, at least. Now I just have to keep it updated with the new arrivals.

This is what happens when I haven't been to work in FOUR WEEKS. Boo-yah. Next up? designing t-shirts. It's all part of my diabolical scheme to take over the world. With cotton. And screen printed goodness!

Take that, fiends! Take that!

I did mention that part where I spent 3 hours cutting and pasting and opening new tabs and moving things to where I want them, didn't I? Because I feel a little kooky! And thirsty. But I'm sure the one has nothing to do with the other.

Or something.

So, here's the newly built Blabapalooza Store! Where you come for the Blab and stay because I disabled all the links out of there!

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