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DW-Tardis-Take me away

This is as far as you go ...

This morning I made a list of things I wanted to get done today. The list went something like this ...
put registration on car
move picture
get posters from storage
watch and review The Mist
clean bathroom
check deposit, get cash
measure desk area

When Hailey came over this morning she added a few things to my list ...
watch movies with Hailey
play on computer


I've done everything except (1) review The Mist and (2) get cash. I'll be reviewing after I finish this post. I think I was pretty productive today. What do you think?

I think my mom's getting the idea that I'm not going back to the bank. She asked me what I was planning and I told her that I had applied to a couple of writing places online and was waiting for them to contact me with my first assignment. Or whatever you call it.

I'm fairly excited for myself.

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What writing places online did you apply to? If you don't mind sharing. A girl I go to school with does regular articles for eHow and somewhere else (I forget where) and I thought that was a cool way to make some extra cash!

I absolutely don't mind sharing!

Freelance Writers. I've sent in my app, but I haven't written anything yet. I figure that it'll get me started on the path I want to be on, so that's a plus.

I also check out About Freelance Writing which lists freelance writing jobs found around the web a couple of times a week. It's given me somewhere to start. :)

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