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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

We'll take it to some secret place ...

Cole's off camping (or something) with his dad until Saturday. Possibly they're not camping and are just visiting somewhere near Sacramento. I was a little unclear on that part. Anyway. He won't be back until Saturday and he's going to pan for gold. Do you see why I think he's camping? Panning for gold! You camp for that.

So. That means that I'm home alone again. Not alone. My mom's here. But without the boy. That means that I can watch scary movies. I watched Quarantine already this evening. Now I'm finishing up Sweeney Todd. I figure that scary movies by myself in the dark are far better than what happened last night. See, I was soundly asleep when I was awakened by a voice repeating over and over "You need to open the door or we're going to have to force it in." Umm ... yeah. The cops were a couple of houses down from me at about 12:15 last night trying to get whoever to open the door. It freaking woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep after that.

*sigh* No worries, though. I took a good nap today. While Hailey was watching King Kong. I watch a lot of movies. And, yet, I'm behind on all my shows. Go figure.

I'm off to review at blabapalooza. I'm putting my fanatical movie watching to good use. Or something.

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hey! come eat lunch with me tomorrow! i'm working at the los gatos branch.

Monday? Maybe Tuesday. Let me check my schedule. Oh, I'm free every day. Imagine that.

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