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Throughout the passage of time ...

Okay. I got my daily post up at blabapalooza. I've been doing rather well at that, I have to admit. I have a ton of movies on tap that I'd be delighted to review, so that's good. I also applied for an online writing job. That was tough to do. I kept getting all tongue tied. Which was weird since I was typing and not speaking. *sigh* I need to get over my internet shyness. It's weird and off-putting.

jenah's son spent the night last night and he and Cole had a great time. Since it was raining like a MOTHER, Hailey and I watched a couple of movies today. That was mostly to keep Hailey out of the boys' hair. Since, you know, I can't stand movies. I hate them in fact and would never watch them on my own. Or something like that. Maybe it's the opposite. *shrug*

Have I mentioned that Cole and Hailey both have this entire week off? Yeah. I've got both kids. Speaking of which, it's a good thing I'm on this vacation (or whatever you call it) so that I don't have to find peeps to watch my kid. Oh, I just admitted why I had an emotional breakdown. I didn't want to pay for daycare. I'm just kidding. I had an emotional breakdown because I loathe my job and want nothing more to do with it.

Speaking of which, I was talking to my dad today and I didn't want to admit that I was having all sorts of work issues (not really anymore, since I'm not there, but you get the point) so I just told him that I was on vacation this week. Technically, it's vacation. Right?

Alright. I'm sick of talking about work when I'm not even there.
Movies! Yay!

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(Deleted comment)
It has everything! Vampires! Killers! Lesbians!
What did we call it? Lesbian Vampire Killers!

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