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Psych-Gus is stealth

Did you find anything?

I watched The House Bunny and Wanted earlier. Wow. Both good, but in vastly different ways. I'd have to say that today was a very productive movie watching day.

My grandma's doing much better. She's been discharged from the hospital and my mom's staying with her tonight. Which means that Cole and I are hanging out alone. We are home alone. Heh. Macaulay Culkin reference. Those don't happen very often in the normal course of a day. You know, for me.

Cole's nodding off. I guess I need to get him off to bed.

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"The House Bunny" and "Wanted" are AH-some!

Tell me about it! I really enjoyed both of them!

I found Wanted very fluffy. Wasn't all that fond of it.
The House Bunny, tho. HILARIOUS! I gotta meet that freakin bird!

That was awesome! It's me. I'm the bird. hahahahaha!

(Deleted comment)
How can you go wrong with that? how?

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