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DW-Quote-The whole of time and space

Like fishing with dynamite ...

My grandma had a mild stroke this morning. Apparently, she's doing just fine now but my mom spent the afternoon at the hospital with her while they ran some tests.

I spent the entire day worried so I therefore got nothing done that I was planning to do. Not that I was planning all that much. I mean, I was planning on watching and reviewing a movie and I did that. So I guess I did do some things. What am I talking about again?

Yeah. I'm kinda in a weird mood. I guess it's to be expected but ... blah.

I need to remember to call jenah tomorrow. This is my official reminder.

I really wanted a sandwich for dinner. I didn't have one. How sad. Maybe I'll have one tomorrow.

I'm out.

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(Deleted comment)
I still want a sandwich. And it's been a week. Weird.

Thank you. She's doing just fine now. It was just startling to see her in the hospital. :(

I'm glad your grandma is ok, but I'm sure that was scary!! *hugs*

Glad your Grandma is doing better but I am sure that had to scare you and your family quite a bit! *hugs* to you and yours!

Thank you, Deb! She's doing much better now.

I'm so sorry. How is she doing today? You didn't mention anything about it on the phone! I'll see you tomorrow though!

Oops that is the wrong icon - I didn't mean to choose such a frivolous one.

OMG! I was going to mention your inappropriate icon, but you beat me to it! Just kidding. :)

She's doing just fine. It was just scary to see her in the hospital.

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