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Cloverfield-The lady needs a head

We need to pull everything we can find on him.

I went to my interview this morning. I think it went well, but I also think that I don't really want to do it. Thus, I find myself at a crossroad. I could quit the bank and try to find another job (not the best idea in the here and now) or I could take this position (if they offer it to me) and be unhappy. Fun stuff.

I was watching the end of The Invisible earlier and I kinda liked it. So I'm recording it to watch tomorrow. For the record, I watched so many movies today that I can't even remember all of them. Let me think ... I saw the beginning of Stargate before heading out to my interview. I dozed through From Russia With Love, watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with Cole, saw the end of The Invisible and ... there was more but I seriously don't remember.

I think I might look into writing articles for magazines. That sounds like fun. Plus, I could potentially do it full time from home. And quit the bank. It all comes round again.

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(Deleted comment)
I slept through From Russia with Love. I didn't actually watch it. Except the end. Which was weird.
Yes, I realize that Daniel Craig isn't in it. I'm not blind, you know. Or am I?

I would be supportive of you writing magazine articles. I know I am still fascinated by what you write.

Hey Kelly - its Aaron

Hey i heard the news, I hope you are doing ok. I am sorry about how work had been going for you and I wish I coulda been around to make life easier for you. I hope you and your family are doing well. I just caught up on the your journals. It seems like things really sucked for awhile at work. Hit me up with an email sometime, itd be great to hear from you once in awhile. Oh yeah, Japan sucks, I miss California. Lemme know if theres something you want from Japan!

Re: Hey Kelly - its Aaron

Will do! It's good to hear from you!

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