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You're fighting a war you've already lost ...

You know what? I go back to work tomorrow and WOW! I rally don't want to. Nope, not looking forward to this in the least. Boo.

I read a book.
Book #19 - The Clue of the Leaning Chimney by Carolyn Keene - Oh! A Nancy Drew mystery! Yay! These were a lot more exciting when I was younger. Is it me or can Nancy do ANYTHING she sets her mind to? Scale a 10 foot wall? No problem! Learn to read certain Chinese characters by sight within moments? Will do! I respect the fact that these books were way ahead of their time when they were written (spunky, independent Nancy is raised by her widower father and dangles the faithful Ned Nickerson by the short hairs), but they are feeling a wee bit dated. Would I read more of these books if they mysteriously popped up on my bookshelf? More than likely. I guess that means something. :)

I did watch the Super Bowl but I'm really not into football so I found my mind wandering. I was thinking about what movie I could watch once I got home. It ended up being Serenity. I also watched part of Casino Royale earlier and kinda liked it. Enough to set my DVR for the next showing on whatever channel it's on.

However, I did leave the house today so that's gotta count for something. Right? Right? Bueller?
I have to get my stuff together for tomorrow. Boo.

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How are you up to 19 already?

I have mad reading skillz. Word.

Wow. I haven't read a Nancy Drew book since ... well, since there was such a thing as the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew TV series.
That really takes me back.

Yeah. It kinda took me back, also. In fact, I know I've read some of these books before, but I couldn't tell you when or even what they were about.
It's kinda cool.

wait, so you didn't watch the superbowl at your house? where did you watch it?

Amber and Phil's.
I don't really like football so it wasn't all that much fun.

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