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SCC-Cameron-Blast doors

The origin of things ...

OMG! I didn't do ANYTHING today and I'm sooo tired right now. I was trying to think if I even left the house today and... umm ... no? I do remember standing by a window and gazing wistfully out. All dramatic and Gothic heroine-esque. And then I saw a ghost on the moors and ... no, wait. That didn't happen.

I did however watch some movies. And read some books. Yeah, yeah. I go back to work on Monday. This insane book-reading, movie-watching schedule will stop.

Anyway. I watched ... Death Race (OMG! SO GOOD! "Do what you do best. Drive." Best line ever!), the end of Dante's Peak (What? I was trying to take a nap.), Armageddon (a classic tale of oil drillers in space), The Golden Compass (I've been watching Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig movies a lot this week), and I'm watching Tomb Raider right this moment (Daniel Craig's in that one also). I have a sneaking suspicion that I missed a movie somewhere in there, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it was. You know, they all start to blur together after the fourth or fifth. :)

As mentioned above, I also read.
Book #17 - The Diamond of Darkhold (4th book of Ember) by Jeanne Duprau - I kinda skipped the 3rd book. I mean, I started it, but it takes place before the big disaster that sends the inhabitants of Ember into, um, Ember and I really wanted to know what happened after they came out. So I started book 3 and then skipped ahead to book 4. I'll get back to it. Someday. Anyway. Enduring their first winter above ground, the former inhabitants of Ember find their food running out and illness threatening them all. After finding a book addressed to the "People of Ember", Lina and Doon head back to the city to find a great gift that was left for them by the Builders. I really liked this book, but I could have done without the pages and pages of wrap-up at the end. Yes, I like my story lines neatly tied up, but this was almost too much. Still, it was a good series and I do plan on reading the 3rd. :)


Book #18 - Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie - I'm not sure about this one. The book was good, but I wasn't terribly keen on the characters. I think I'm going to have nightmares about a fat, bloated spider of a woman hovering over me tonight. I guess that's good writing, isn't it? Once again, I wasn't thrilled with the wrap-up at the end. It was too convenient. All the people on that particular journey end up marrying one another? Interesting. Although I guess two of them were married before the journey began. Hmmph. I, of course, didn't guess the killer. Do I ever?

Honestly, I did nothing today. I lounged around in bed with my a book at my fingertips and the TV on. Best day ever? Or am I the most boring person in the world? Hmmm. I'm going to go with the 2nd best day ever. The first is always going to be the first day of a vacation in Disneyland. When you're all excited and you haven't been jaded by the long lines and expensive food yet. Awesome.

I'm rambling.

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(Deleted comment)
ha! That Audi one is so funny. The guy with the HUGE cellphone. "The Mousse is Loose".
I thought I was going to be watching Super Bowl highlights when I first clicked on it. That would not have been nearly as fun.

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