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SCC-Cameron-Blast doors


FYI, for all those that have emailed me and whom I haven't emailed back ... (namely malkovich03 and jenah... come to think of it, those are the only two emails I have in my inbox at all. Hmm.)... I haven't forgotten you. I'm just tired and can't formulate thoughts well. Do you know how long it's taking me to get this paragraph up? A long time. What with the misspellings and strange grammar I'm using. Anyway. Mal, I'll try to call you tomorrow. Jenn, I already called you. Mal, the answer is yes. I just have to do some research.

I'm going to bed, now.

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i was going to call you tomorrow too, i am going up to seattle this weekend. kind of a last minute deal. i'll tell you tomorrow.

Such a bizarre Seattle story you told me. *thumbs up*

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