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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

A scheme was forming ...

I got so, so, so much done today. And yet none of it was terribly important. I did my Wii Fit when I woke up this morning. I started a load of laundry before taking Cole to school. I organized Cole's closet, went to go get my car smogged (I ultimately didn't get that done because the line was too long and I'm impatient), bought 2 picture frames for my pretty pictures, went up to my grandma's and bought 2 bags of books at her local library for $15, went to lunch, got my pictures up, updated my "To Read" books on GoodReads, finished a book, and ... I don't remember what else. I took a nap. I've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation off and on.

See? I did a lot.

Book #2 - Rare Beasts (Edgar & Ellen) by Charles Ogden - Yay! New books! Edgar & Ellen are creepy little twins who live in an old, ramshackle house with no one but a caretaker (their parents disappeared years ago) and their pet (appropriately called Pet). They spend their days devising devilish plots to torment the other children in the town. But devilish plots require money to come to fruition, so the twins come up with a truly fiendish plan to make all the money they could ever need. Things don't quite end up the way they planned. I enjoyed this book. It was fun and dark. I will be reading more.

There you have it.
I am so accomplished.